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Energy has two divisions. Powerz-on manufacture  solar water heating flat plate and evacuated tube collectors  and Gapholdings manufacture solar and electrical geysers.

Powerz-On is committed to finding innovative "Green" Energy Solutions to the current energy crisis in the world. It’s in-house manufactured "Flat Plate Water Heater" compares very well with similar imported products and is particularly successful in an application that uses an existing geyser.

Powerz-On creates innovative alternative energy solutions. We are passionate about reducing carbon emissions, decreasing dependency on fossil fuels and helping to build a healthier future for our planet.

Besides our products having a positive impact on the environment, it also provides the basic need of having access to hot water, lighting and other energy efficient products. Our solutions are locally manufactured and tailored specifically for South Africa to ensure that they are relevant to our market, deliver value for money and make a positive contribution to our country , its communities and its people.

Why Powerz-On Solar Systems:
  • Power –On collectors carry a 10 year warranty, while our solar systems carry a warranty of between 5 and 10 years.
  • Our products are locally manufactured, which means that supporting Powerz-On supports the local economy and furthers job creation and sustainable development in South Africa.
  • Our products are internationally competitive, and both our factory and our products are SABS mark approved (SABS reports available at
  • We specialize in supplying small, medium and large solar water heating companies.
  • We are equipped to meet the increasing demand for heating collectors and systems in South Africa.
  • The Powerz-On team understands the unique and requirements necessary to produce a solar water heating collector that can tolerate the extreme conditions and climate in South Africa.
  • Powerz-On offers expert advice and ongoing customer support.
  • Our collectors have an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Powerz-On is committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality and providing excellence customer service. We aim to meet and exceed clients’ expectations in every respect. For this reason, quality control procedures are applied at every point in the production process to guarantee our commitment to this excellence.
  • Our products are regularly tested by the SABS and our performance standards equal, and in some cases exceed, world standards.


Manufacturing the Future
Gap Holdings’ vision is to be at the forefront of geyser innovation and new technologies in the industry. Our mission is to design, develop and manufacture products that will increase the efficiency and affordability of water heating, thereby satisfying the demands of our growing customer base.

Keeping it Local
Local manufacturing and the support of local suppliers within our value chain, is a fundamental cornerstone of the Gap Holdings business plan. This strategy stimulates growth within the sector, which benefits all who work within it, and will help make a better South Africa for generations to come.

Passionate About People

GAP Holdings strives to ensure that all who work within its’ company structure, should benefit from the company gaining market share. Of no less importance, is the belief that the company’s success can not only be measured by its profit returns, but by the satisfaction level that every employee has, within the company structure. We endeavour to achieve this by seeing every individual as a unique and important part our team, regardless of company position.

At GAP we believe in manufacturing for the future. All GAP geysers are designed to meet the growing demand for independence from conventional heating systems. GAP geysers are available in 100Lt. 150Lt. & 200Lt. sizes.

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