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We have offered flooring and acid resistant solutions to many mines, as well as industries that have struggled with acid spillage, heavy traffic and normal day to day degrading of concrete floors and bunded walls.

Our flooring solutions cater for different industries and environments. All our solutions are known for their durability, toughness and almost maintenance free applications. They can withstand extremely heavy traffic and very aggressive and harsh environments. Perfect solutions for hassle free durable floors. Our service and quality is of a very high standard and that combined with Integrity makes us a reliable, trustworthy and customer focused company.

Our product ranges are divided into Flooring systems and Flooring coatings for commercial and industrial use. Flooring systems are a buildup of different fillers and aggregates that are formulated in house for different applications. These systems can be applied at different thickness starting from 2 millimeters up to 40 millimeters.

Our coating systems are for light traffic areas and have an average thickness of 0.5 millimeter. Coating systems are mostly used as a protection barrier but can provide an attractive decorative finishing where needed.

Natural-look Flooring uses resin based products on a concrete substrate with a natural flooring look and added durability.

Flooring Systems


(Vinylester) - Industrial

The COREGUARD system is a modified vinyl ester, heavy duty, and slip resistant system applied in multiple aggregate-filled layers tailor made for industrial. Industrial floors are required to strengthen concrete surfaces and resist extreme conditions. Usually, concrete floors of any business will experience an elevated level of stress day by day. Vinyl-ester flooring is tremendously reliable in this application. The seamless installation is non-porous, giving maximum pressure resistance to corrosive spills, while being virtually maintenance free. The use of multiple layers enhances its durability, reduces crack propagation and improves toughness. The nature of the materials used in the composite material make it extremely abrasive resistant.

Where and what industry to apply this product.

This product is most suitable for aggressive acid spillage areas combined with heavy duty traffic, e.g. Mines, Chemical Plants, Processing Plants, Mills or any other heavy duty or acid environments.


Flooring Solutions -Commercial and Industrial

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) is a quick drying system and used as a commercial and industrial floor coating. MMA flooring has significant advantages over traditional seamless flooring systems. MMA floor coating technology is designed to provide a means to repair all concrete resurfacing projects and offers high durability, superb scratch resistance, chemical and thermal shock resistance, yet is flexible enough to meet the strict requirements of both health inspectors and business owners. In additional MMA has a slip resistant finish, is solvent free, and has remarkable thermal stability, while curing within hours, even in sub zero temperatures.

MMA floor coating is available in a wide range of solid colours as well as blends of coloured quartz for a decorative appearance. Systems can have a variable, non-skid textured finish, where required.

Where and what industry to apply this product.

This product is popular in kitchens and restaurants due to the lack of VOC’s and the short installation time. Also commonly used in Food processing plants, Health Care, Veterinary , Food and beverage facilities, pharmaceutical plants, freezers, cold storage facilities, colleges or any other facility faced with concrete resurfacing issues.

Flooring Coatings


Commercial and Industrial

Polyurethane coatings can be applied to many surface materials, including wood, metal and plastic, and many other any type of flooring surfaces. Its flexibility of use is one of the characteristics that has led to its popularity.

The primary benefit of using polyurethane coatings is the protection it provides the surface itself. With its smooth, hard surface, polyurethane seals out rain, dirt, mud, and other natural surface enemies. It also provides protection from humidity and oxidation, which can cause corrosion.

Additionally, polyurethane coatings are very popular in the manufacturing sector because it helps seal out oil and solvents, as well as provides the added benefit of assisting with noise reduction.

Polyurethane floors are usually softer and more elastic than epoxy , which makes them more resistant to scratching as their elasticity tends to absorb some of the impact. The elasticity of PU floors also makes them a preferred choice in freezing chambers where the storage temperature can reach -30 degrees Celsius (-22 F). They are a good choice for multideck car-parks since the elastic coating can act as a waterproofing and crack-bridging layer. Polyurethane floors provide superior heat resistance of up to 120°C, whereas Epoxy provides heat resistance up to 65°C. This makes PU ideal for food and beverage environments, as its durable nature enables it to withstand thermal shock from hot ovens, chemical attacks from food by-products, and point loading from heavy equipment.

Where and what industry to apply this product.

Polyurethanes are the preferred choice in food industries that have exposure to lactic acids. For this reason why many food processing companies that work in the milk, dairy, cheese production choose polyurethanes.

Loading bays and areas where high impact and thermal shocks occur, become candidates for a polyurethane coating, especially when there is a large volume of traffic by the movement of goods on pallets, trucks, etc. Forklifts and Trucks less than 5 tons are recommended to be used in this environment

Polyurethane flooring has various levels of slip resistance which can be customized to specific customer requirements. The Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Medical, food, chemical, beverage and electronics industries have demanding hygienic standards. These industries require entirely dust free and effortlessly cleanable floors, without angled or cracked corners.


Commercial and Industrial

Epoxy coatings are well known for their toughness and high gloss surfaces. The brightness within an area with an epoxy floor, can be increased by up to 200%. It offers a hard wearing, durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic. Epoxy floors are harder, more durable and have much higher compression strength than polyurethanes.

Epoxy resins are sensitive to moisture during curing, but the damage done by humidity will be limited compared to polyurethane. Therefore when working in environments where the presence of humidity could be an issue, epoxy is always the preferred choice. Epoxy floors usually require 7 days to fully cure. Epoxy floors offer enhanced safety by creating an anti-slip surface, heat and fire resistant solution to concrete floors and also considered environmental friendly solutions.

Where and what industry to apply this product.

This product can be applied in most warehouses, aviation facilities, workshops, pharmaceutical environments. Not advisable in dairy environments and areas of high mechanical impact due to its hardness, (less flexible) and weakness against lactic acid.

Natural Stone

Concrete Look

This product is a coating that gives a “Concrete Look” to your already installed concrete substrate. The resin can be applied quickly and seamlessly, offering a surface that is easy to apply around corners, and edges. It is simple to clean and resistant to chemicals. The product provides durability and impact resistance to your concrete floors

Every Concrete Look floor is unique, as each floor can be customized and tailored, to meet your requirements by our trained floor applicators. It goes without saying that our Concrete Look is internationally approved and can be successfully used in many applications, including in boutiques, restaurants, bars, home furniture stores and in public areas, residential homes and offices.

Stone Look

This product is an epoxy based solution and natural stone is used to give a stone look to your substrate with the advantage of durability. It is recommended in foyers, residential homes and offices. If you want your environment to have a upmarket natural look, then this product is the right choice.

Other Products and Services

  • On site drain installation: We have options to use multiple resin systems on site and cast your drainage system within a short time frame.
  • Prefabricated drain installations: Polymer concrete prefabricated drains provide optimal chemical resistance.
  • Fibre-glass corrosion protection: On site preparation and installation of chemical barriers.
  • Waste water applications: The right material and membrane for your environment.
  • Waste water PMC tanks: Manufactured in our facility to meet your needs using different resin systems.
  • Waste water Fiber-glass tanks: Solutions to your problems in coordination with our technical staff.
  • High pressure molding knowledge: Our products have been tested successfully over the years and found successful in the mining industry.
  • Fire resistant systems: Knowledge of multiple resin applications for this type of protection.
  • Bond? wall protection system: Our unique resin systems have been the preferred choice of mines for more than two decades.

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