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Anglo American Platinum Mine


Anglo American Platinum Mine (Rustenburg, South Africa)
Unicells & Associated Accessories

212 x Electrowinning Unicells, 208 in production & 4 Spare (Tailored design)
212 x overflow covers and flow control devices
212 x crane locating devices

208 x Electrowinning Unicells installed

CSI started the production of this project in the first quarter of 2010. This was a high profile project where many stakeholders kept a close eye on its progress, labelling it as high priority, with penalties associated within it delivery timelines.

CSI began (after design confirmation and fit for purpose analysis) by manufacturing three unicell moulds, one being a Left end, another being a right and the third being an intermediate mould. These moulds took approx. 12 – 16 weeks to manufacture, with an average weight of approx. 8 tons per mould. These moulds were beautifully manufactured to within a tolerance of 10mm along a length of 8m and 6mm on the width of 1.3 – 1.5m.

Production of the polymer concrete unicells took place shortly after the mould signoff. With the challenges associated with the production start-up along with the inclusion of experienced CTI polymer casting expert Dirk Mortier, CSI worked hard to get a handle on its production. Document after document from QC’s and project management ensued as the days & months progressed, and thus the compilation of data books almost drove itself.

The months ahead were tedious, but despite these challenges CSI finally came to production completion, without any delay penalties……at this point focus changed from Production to Installation.

Installation with its own challenges was completed where 104 pairs of cells were installed in the RMBR Rustenburg nickel tankhouse and still in full production today.