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Anodes and accessories

CSI provides a choice of traditional lead and titanium mesh anodes as well as anode buttons and spacers. All anodes are manufactured to customer specification.


  • We provide lead anodes to maximize the extraction of the base metals in the electro-winning process. The header bars are specialized and the welding is super fused onto the lead anode blade.
  • High durable mesh anodes are more expensive than lead anodes, but remove the risk of lead health hazards. Being Titanium, there is no lead pollution in the sulphate solution. Although they are about 30% more expensive than a standard lead Anode, they will generally last more than 3 times as long.

Anode Buttons

  • Anode Insulator Buttons / Spacer Buttons. Male and Female Thread, Screwed together, fit into standard 22mm hole. Used for Insulating / Spacing purposes between Anode and Cathodes.
  • Shemesh Anode Spacers are highly durable specialized components. The spacing of Anodes and Cathodes within the solution is ensured by these 3 sided Pressure Moulded Shemesh spacers (3 sided to reduce plating shadow). Formed in a precision mould primarily of silica aggregates and a Modified Vinylester.