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Cathodes and accessories

CSI provides high technology cathodes and cathode edge strips. These cathodes are durable with header bar technology that outperforms any on the market. CSI also offers cathode repair, straightening and sevicing


  • Titanium and Stainless steel cathodes made to client specifications. These durable cathodes are manufactured in South Africa and used across Africa and the rest of the world. They are designed specifically for mining applications.
  • This header bar out performs any other header bar on the market in the short and long term. Robotic Weld benefit ensures seamless joints as like materials are joined – Stainless Steel Blade to Stainless Steel Header Bar, this greatly contributes to many years of trouble free usage in the Electro-winning and Electro Refining Environment.

Edge strips

  • When fitted to cathodes in electro-winning plants, cathode edge strips prevent build-up of metal round the edges facilitating the stripping of product. Made from high quality, high impact strength PVC these edge strips combine flexibility with strength and durability. Available in two sections they are supplied cut to length to suit each individual plant.

Cathode repairs and edge strip removals

  • When Cathodes and Anodes are bent during the harvesting cycle, due to a failure in the crane or as a consequence of aggressive operation, you find the anode and cathode touching each other during the electro-winning process creating a direct short. This causes, one a hot spot and two an inconsistency in the current efficiency across the plate and its ability to plate material consistently across the blade. CSI provide a service to straighten Cathodes and Anodes, where your hanging straightness is corrected.