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CSI offers a range of leading edge, field tested quality products to maximize efficiency and production in the base metal electrowinning environment. Metals include copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt and manganese

Insulator/Capping/Spacer blocks

CSI has developed a world class innovative Insulator block called the CSI PMC Insulator Block. These blocks are commonly known as Spacer Blocks or Capping Blocks. The CSI PMC insulator Block is an acid resistant spacing block that comes in a number of designs, tailored to our customers specific needs.  The blocks are designed for the seating & spacing of Electrodes (Cathode & Anodes) in an acid bath, allowing for better, copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt and manganese electro-winning efficiencies.

  • Choose from our portfolio or tailor make for each project.
  • Accurate spacing of electrodes in cells, reduced risk of electrodes shorting out against each other.
  • Efficient placement and removal of electrodes in and out of the unicells during harvesting cycles.
  • Decreased power loss over the electro-winning circuit.
  • Easy plug and play design.
  • Shorter units allowing for easy replacement, and less product waste.
  • High resistance to the acidic environments they are subject to.
  • The blocks contribute immensely to the outputs of the electro-winning process making for a more profitable business.

Capping Boards

We manufacture, supply and install capping boards across cell lines.  This prevents acid spillage and invasion of solution to inaccessible areas where cleaning is difficult, hence preventing the buildup of crystals that can cause damage.

Busbar services

Having 20 years, experience in the tank house environment we partner with reliable busbar electrical companies and engineers to provide turn key solutions that ensure quality, performance and maximum efficiency in the harvesting of base metals. Whatever shape the bus bar system is, whether dog bone, U shape, square or triangular we can provide a solution.

Demister balls

Dramatically reduces acid mist generated by electro winning metals from Acidic Electrolytes, which is dangerous to human health and damages building structures.

Most of these acid mist particles impact or condense on the balls, then return harmlessly into the solution. Demister Balls allow unobstructed retrieval of the cathode and fail to become trapped in the copper deposits.