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CSI Unicell

The revolutionary UNICELL® has set the standards for cell lining since it was launched by CSI in the mid 1990s. UNICELL® is simple to install easily maintained and repaid and adds greatly to more efficient electro-winning processes and consequent increasing profit.

  • The introduction of the patented UNICELL® in the mid 1980's is universally recognised as one of the great contemporary innovations in tankhouse technology. There are now more than 40,000 CTI / CSI UNICELL® in operation around the world.
  • Purchasing a UNICELL®, Corrosion Protection System, and/or Cell Top Furniture involves much more than buying the finest corrosion protection and containment technology in the world. It marks the beginning of a long, mutually-beneficial business relationship.
  • Various Sizes manufactured to suit client’s specific tankhouse needs. Grey in Colour.
  • Patent Protected Features
  • Advanced Technical Composite:
    Our patented, advanced technical vinylester-based composite is specifically designed to provide superior chemical resistance and mechanical durability, withstanding the extreme environment of a tankhouse where other materials fail.
  • Monolithic Construction:
    The UNICELL® is the only monolithically cast electrolytic cell with integral overflow/decant and inlet piping systems. Eliminating cold joints and seams from cell designs has reduced long-term maintenance costs.
  • Gel Coating and Mat:
    This process provides a smooth surface, additional layer of corrosion protection, improved electrolytic flow and higher slimes recovery.
  • Non-conductive FRP Rebar reinforcement:
    Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Rebar provides structural protection against catastrophic failure to each UNICELL® without the possibility of creating short circuits